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integratech-logo“IntegraTech has been Greening Our Environment
Through Chemical-Free Water Treatment Since 1995″

Integratech Mission Statement

“The mission of IntegraTech Associates, Inc. is to make a dramatic and positive difference in our environment through the synergistic use of green technologies, reductions in the carbon footprint of the water treatment and HVAC industries, elimination of chemical discharge into our water system and conservation of our most precious resource, water. Our goal is simply to provide the most cost effective, high performance, non-chemical water treatment system available in the marketplace, implemented and supported by highly trained and environmentally conscious professionals.”

Water Reclamation

water-reclaimationIntegraTech Associates, Inc. is the “Recognized Leader in the Non-Chemical / Chemical-Free Water Treatment Industry”. Well into its second decade of operation, ITA has continually evolved its product line with a focus on a green environment and the budgetary concerns of the HVAC professional and facility manager.


commercialOur history is one of providing products and solutions to some of the largest and most progressive organizations in the world. One need only look at our customer list developed through our lengthy history and evolution to determine Integratech’s global market penetration. Our clients have included Hydro and Nuclear Power Plants, Hospitals, Schools and Universities, and U.S. and Foreign Militaries. Major public and private sector organizations have continually sought our professional assistance, products and services.


residentialCooling towers, chillers, evaporative condensers, etc. all benefit from our Zero Blowdown Technology commonly referred to as ZBD. Generically known as Zero Liquid Discharge or, abbreviated as ZLD, is not based on “Black Box Technologies” or traditional chemical approaches but rather is a unique water treatment paradigm solidly based in true science.


industrialIntegraTech’s Zero Blowdown / Zero Liquid Discharge effectively controls scale, corrosion and biological issues. To our knowledge, no other technology can claim that 100% of their installations are performing as advertised. Quite a feat when your customers include such technologically advanced, experienced and high profile clients as Intel, Honda, Boeing, Pepsi, Yahoo, Intuit, Pratt and Whitney, not to mention universities, hospitals, food producers, major manufacturing facilities, hotels, steel producers, data centers, cold storage facilities and the like.