Afcom World Conference

Excerpt from AFCOM Data Center World Conference Spring 2009

Our treatment program (WCTI Technology) employs a patented process that eliminates chemicals, biocides and blow down. The WCTI process utilizes a high efficiency softener to remove scale-forming ions from tower make-up water. Natural chemistry in the water provides corrosion inhibition for all types of metals, concrete and wood surfaces and also produces biostatic conditions that inhibit biological growth. WCTI technology has made the use of reclaimed water possible for cooling towers were traditional chemical treatment is not cost effective. The WCTI process is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals and maximizes water conservation while reducing the overall “Carbon Footprint”. Three additional LEED points are available for USGBC certification. Cooling systems operating on the WCTI program will enjoy the highest operating efficiency and lowest operating cost. With WCTI, it doesn’t cost to be green; it pays!

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