How Zero Liquid Discharge Works

Zero Blowdown Technology Simply Explained

cool2Zero Blowdown Technology is a quantum leap in technology that effectively deals with previously insurmountable issues such as high silica content in the water and rapidly spiking TDS levels. Each of these issues previously required excessive blowdown to control therefore leading to vast amounts of water wastage through the bleed process. IntegraTech’s ZBD / ZLD technology controls these problems and eliminates tower water blowdown requirements.

steel-barCorrosion is controlled to < 0.20 mpy on all metals. WCTI conditions, developed by Zero Blowdown technology, controls corrosion by embracing problematic silica and converts it from a monomer to a polymer. This conversion creates a pacification layer controlling corrosion in towers and piping. This provides a similar corrosion protection process as when polymerized silica is used to coat the interior of acid carrying pipes mitigating degradation from corrosion and premature failure. No other system can control silica at concentrations of up to 800 ppm.

galvanized-tubesScale is eliminated by the active removal of calcium and magnesium from the make-up water in the pre-conditioning process. The removal of these scaling materials eliminates any potential for the development of scale and allows TDS concentrations to rise to the previously unheard of levels of 150,000+ mg/l and up to 200 cycles of concentration (COC).

dip-slideBiological issues are eliminated by Zero Blowdown technology. Bacteria in towers creates is a serious health risk and bio-film dramatically reduces energy efficiency by insulating against the heat exchange process. High TDS (40,000+) in conjunction with cycled up pH (9.7 pH) creates a biostatic environment where the activity of biologicals and pathogens are blocked (Ref: E. A. Anderson Engineering – “Review of The Effects of pH and TDS on Bacteria, Viruses, And Spores In Water”).

cool4Zero Blowdown Silica Based Technology is the “Choice of Choices” for green building projects. Potential LEED credits span 5 different categories including, LEED, WE 4.2, Non Potable Water Use (waste water reclamation). ZBD water treatment provides a low carbon footprint. Maximization benefits from LEAN/OEE programs are also derived from implementing Zero Blowdown technology. Energy savings, water conservation, cost reduction and reduced man-hour allocations are just a few of the additional benefits provided by operating under WCTI conditions. No system is too large or small, too old or new to benefit from our proven technology.

How it works