Operation / Product Specs

Zero Blowdown Operation and Specifications

Operating the WCTI System

The transition to and operation of a WCTI Zero Blowdown Silica Based cooling tower treatment system is a very simple process. Since the technology is a true and complete shift in water treatment paradigms it is imperative that many of the operator’s previous assumptions and protocols be set aside.

The plant superintendent, HVAC engineer or technician will quickly discover that their familiarity with equipment in general is virtually all that is required to understand the system’s operation. The WCTI system is almost completely automated and includes a digital readout for data collection. Simple inspection of the HES, along with basic testing procedures, are all that is required of the operator.

Integratech personnel will personally supervise installation and commissioning of the system. Training of the owner’s staff for operation and testing will also be performed by Integratech professionals. The owner will be provided a TRANSITION & OPERATIONS MANUAL as reference material for their files.

Shop Drawings

The shop drawings have been provided for informational purposes only. They are conceptual and designed to impart a quick and easy visualization of the simplicity designed in to the system. Actual design drawings and equipment configurations are created on an as needed and site specific basis.

WCTI Testing Procedures

wcti-testingTesting procedures for the WCTI system are simple. They involve little if anything difference from the previous activities performed by the owner’s HVAC staff. The water is regularly checked to assure that WCTI conditions are maintained. Operators will only test the water for hardness. The WCTI service team will test the water for hardness, pH, alkalinity, TDS, and SiO2. Should the operator wish to perform tests normally conducted by the WCTI service team, they may perform those tests with meters and/or test kits most probably already on site. Additionally, the owner may wish to collect corrosion and biological data by the use of corrosion coupons and dip slides. Many customers using WCTI systems become so comfortable with the continuous reports of exceptionally low corrosion and virtually no biological growth that they cease collection of this data after a time. Their continuation is the owner’s choice. A visual depiction of the testing procedures has been provided to illustrate its simplicity.


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