Zero Blowdown Tower Treatment Overview

Zero Blowdown – Zero Liquid Discharge Technology is a Non-Chemical – Chemical-Free Water Treatment System Creating WCTI Conditions for all Cooling Tower Needs

American Made and Patented Technology for Cooling Towers and Water Reclamation


  • Controls scale, corrosion and bio-fouling without bleed or chemicals.
  • Allows tower operation at elevated TDS levels (up to 200 cycles of concentration without the need for blowdown.
  • Advanced corrosion & scale inhibition at 10-100,000 TDS tower water.
  • Reduced water consumption and cost savings without acid, scale or corrosion risks
  • Proprietary corrosion and scale inhibition patents (US Patents #6,929,749; #6,949,193; #6,998,092; #7,122,148)
  • True green technology utilizing natural chemistry in the source water

How the Technology Works

  • Technology specific, pre-conditioning system removes scale forming ions from tower make-up
  • Allows tower to cycle up to unlimited makeup water concentrations (10-100+ COC)
  • Permits silica concentrates without deposition up to 200 – 800 Mg/L of soluble silica.
  • Silica based chemistry protects tower, chiller and piping metals (steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum) from high TDS corrosion
  • Develops high TDS levels prohibiting biological & pathogen growth
  • Develops and maintains WTCI conditions

Provided Benefits

  • Reduces on average total treatment cost by 50%
  • Exceptional corrosion protection (<0.2 MPY for steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum)
  • Non-toxic chemistry
  • Eliminates discharge (blowdown / bleed)
  • No chemical handling & storage
  • Reduced testing and operator time
  • Ideal for high silica environments
  • Allows reuse of wastewater/grey water) for makeup
  • Eliminates “bleed & feed” water wastage from chemical programs

Field Experience and Application

  • Over five years of application and evaluation
  • Clients include Industrial, Food, Manufacturing facilities, universities and hospitals, etc.
  • Tower and piping metals tested include mild steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Appropriate for all tower manufacturers and scalable to any tower size

Program Implementation

  • Survey design capacity, load, water quality
  • Proposal / water savings comparison
  • Purchase & install pre-treat system
  • Monthly flat fee for method use and service
  • Pre-treat start-up and program transition
  • Performance monitoring & reporting

Pre-conditioning Systems

  • Proprietary design; salt use 4#/ft3 resin
  • 30-50% lower salt use, 65% lower regeneration waste water
  • Polished quality with minimum hardness ion leakage
  • Dual units for continuous treated supply
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Economical design & simple operation

How it works