What we are. What we are not.

What Integratech’s Zero Blowdown / Zero Liquid Discharge Technology Is

Our patented WCTI, Zero Blowdown Technology process utilizes existing elements naturally present in water in conjunction with a proprietary HES (High Efficiency System) Pretreatment Protocol. This a non-chemical, “Green” technology with a virtually neutral carbon footprint.

WCTI Technology removes scale forming ions eliminating the possibility for calcium and magnesium to plate out as scale. This allows cooling towers to run with zero blowdown making it possible for cooling towers to operate at high TDS and pH. The byproduct of a high TDS and pH environment is the creation of operative biostatic conditions that control biological activity and bio-film to the lowest level in the water treatment industry. Please refer to the Anderson Engineering paper in our documentation section. Furthermore, these actions are integral in permitting natural processes to develop a safe, silica based corrosion control to passivate and protect metal surfaces.

This technology supplied by Integratech is a “stand alone” water treatment program that is a total paradigm shift. Zero Blowdown Technology (Zero Blowdown) also referred to as Zero Liquid Discharge Technology (ZLD) is a uniquely different approach that has been repeatedly proven to be highly effective.

What Integratech’s Zero Blowdown /Zero Liquid Discharge Technology Is Not

WCTI, Zero Blowdown, Silica Based Technology is based on sound elemental relationships that naturally and predictably occur in water. Our technology does not rely on externally applied chemical additives, RO, ozone, UV treatment, mechanical or electronic devices that allegedly alter water properties by bombardment or by alluding to magnetic phenomena (pulsed or energized), RF, sonic, resonance or frequency based technologies, redox technologies or any other Non-Chemical Device (NCD) or Physical Water Treatment (PWT) system. Zero Blowdown, Silica Based Technology is unique unto itself.

What Integratech Does

We simply provide unsurpassed control for scale, corrosion and biologicals. Furthermore, we conserve water, reduce treatment costs, increase tower/chiller efficiency, minimize operator involvement, and develop both a “Green” and virtually carbon neutral environment.

How it works